It’s Been Way Too Long!

Hello!  I realize it has almost been a YEAR since I wrote and that my last few posts were NOT the juicy detailed stories you all love.  Don’t get too excited, this one really isn’t either.

Yes, the book is still coming but have you ever tried to write a book?  It is really really really hard and you have to do it in your “spare” time because as a first-time author no one wants to pay you while you write it.  In my mind the book is brilliant and I was going to lock myself away for a few months and pound it out.  In reality, life got in the way- as it usually does, well that and my need to pay rent and bills.  The difference is that this time, a really happy life got in the way.

In the past when ‘life got in the way’ it was about the last bad date or the latest crisis in my life, but not this time.  I finally started to feel the true breakthrough in therapy, I even got to cut back on the frequency of my sessions.   I started having good dates and meeting good guys then great dates with great guys and then life-changing dates with a man who would change my life for the better, and I hope forever.   Don’t fret, I am going to fill you in on the guys from the past and where they are now or how things finally ended between us- this will be the juicy details part.  Some of them are still friends while a surprising few I no longer have any contact with- thank goodness.

I learned a LOT of lessons, which I would love to share with you, but most importantly I learned a lot about myself.  Who I really am and most important who I want to be in this life.  I have never taken life for granted but these days I don’t take one second for granted- it is such a cool lesson to learn!

I hope that all of you are living your life to the fullest and want to continue to read about my journey!

xo Keylee


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